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Made by KingKong USA who manufacture very high-quality massage chairs and other massage products to increase health, wellbeing and comfort,

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Scientifically based on the combined systems of natural healing, acupressure and physical therapy. Every King Kong massage chair is designed and built to train the body through a natural regime of healthy posture, which stimulates and energizes  blood circulation, relieves stress, and relaxes muscles, nerves and joints.

King Kong USA The Chairman Deluxe Memory Foam Office Massage Chair

King Kong USA The Chairman Deluxe Memory Foam Office Massage Chair

  • Extra thick back cushion with 1″ memory foam
  • Two massage roller and six vibrating masage motors
  • Heavy duty rollers for the neck and back
  • Multi vibration modes with powerful functions selection
  • Speed adjustment

King Kong USA Galaxy D3000 Acupuncture Point Deluxe Air Massage Chair

King Kong USA Galaxy D3000 Acupuncture Point Deluxe Air Massage Chair

  • Acupuncture point auto body shape measure sense function
  • Kneading, tapping and rolling functions
  • Auto, manual or fixed working cycle included
  • 16 built in deluxe air massage bags
  • Back heat and foot heat device included

King Kong USA Zeus Shiatsu Massage Chair

King Kong USA Zeus Shiatsu Massage Chair

Product Features

  • Auto scan for each different body shape and gesture to reach the most suitable massage position
  • Adjustable width massage rollers on the back for rolling and tapping
  • Independent opearted on the back and waist
  • 4 heavy duty and flexible massage rollers included
  • 11 built in deluxe air massage bags

King Kong USA Zridium D 1800 Massager

King Kong USA Zridium D 1800 Massager

Product Features

  • Heavy duty foot and calf roller massage
  • Kneading, rolling, and deep thumb pressing function on neck, back and waist
  • Auto or manual working cycle included
  • Extra comfort seat fibration options included
  • Automatic reclyning for backrest and footrest

King Kong USA Galaxy Deluxe Air Massage Chair

King Kong USA Galaxy Deluxe Air Massage Chair

Product Features

  • Kneading, tapping and rolling functions
  • Auto, manual or fixed working cycle option
  • Back heat device option
  • 10 built in deluxe air massage bags
  • 4 heavy duty and flexible massage wheels

Massage Chairs – the New Way to Exercise

Jiao Lee asked:


No matter which part of the world you are living in, the need to excel and that too on an international level, has become an absolute must. If you are not an international player, you are losing out to your competitors in a major way. But amidst all the stress and work pressure, it is your body that is getting tired and worn out handling all the pressures. The upcoming industry of masseuse and massage chairs is probably the answer to this rising problem.

The massage chair or a visit to a massage parlor is now a growing trend, especially among the young professionals and executives. After slogging out the whole week for almost 20 hours each day, working professionals are left too enervated in the weekend to enjoy their favorite activities. This takes away all the fun and happiness away from life.

But now there is a way to bring back joy into the lives that were devoid of happiness. And the answer is complete body massage with the help of massage chairs. Buying a massage chair may appear quite a bit of luxury on the face of it. But if you think carefully, it is as good as spending money in some modest spa or massage centre for a whole year.

On the contrary, there is much that you can save when you invest in massage chairs. Not only you save the cost of visiting a spa on a regular basis, but you can also protect your time by a great margin. You can enjoy the same treatment and pampering right at your home or office and that too whenever you want to. This way you can enjoy a good massage every day of your life and get rejuvenated every day or every night. So wish yourself a good morning each new day, by enjoying the service of your own massage chairs every night before.

A Massage Chair Is A Way To Experience Deep Relaxation

Sammy Kay asked:

Massage chairs have attained immense fame among millions of people across the world. In fact, these chairs can be referred to as the revolution in the field of massage therapy. These lounge chairs with built-in vibrators are considered as awesome therapeutic devices by experts in this field. Anyone can benefit from the features these chairs come with.

Here are some of the benefits you can experience with the purchase of a massage chair recliner.

a) Stress release and relaxation:

This is something most people are looking for. With the kind of hectic lifestyle we lead due to the pressure of work and maintenance of lifestyle it is true that most people suffer from stress and tension. A massage chair recliner can solve this problem. With the help of a massage chair recliner, one can easily experience deep relaxation and stress release. Just recline on this chair for sometime and you will fall asleep.

b) Pain relief:

Backaches and neck pain are very common these days. Most of the body aches and pains arise due to tension in the muscles. Some soothing touch or massage given to muscles can easily remove these common aches. A massage chair will be of great help in this regard.

c) Enhanced lymph flow and blood flow:

Blood and lymph are responsible to flush out the toxins from your body. Vigorous muscle movement can enhance harmful toxin removal process in the body; thereby affecting blood pressure. A massage chair can do all for you.

d) Reduced muscle spasm:

A massage chair offers the same benefits as you would experience after having a good massage from a licensed therapist. You will get great relief from stiffness and tightness in the muscles and spasms will vanish.

e) Enhanced endorphin levels:

Endorphins are known to be natural pain relievers of the body. A massage therapy is a wonderful way to increase the body’s endorphin levels. A massage chair is extremely helpful in this regard.

f) Enhanced healing:

A massage chair enhances blood flow, thereby increasing oxygen transport to your body tissues. Oxygen is vital for healing process in the body. A powerful massage via a massage chair will help you heal better and quicker.

g) Enhanced posture:

People suffering from muscles skeletal pain have poor posture. This posture can be devastating for bones, support muscles and ligaments. This posture can be effectively reversed by a massage chair session. The session will help you stand straighter.

h) Feeling of well-being:

A session in your massage chair can help you develop a general feeling of well-being. This in turn, enhances blood and lymph flow, posture of your body, muscle function and endorphin levels.

Purchasing a massage chair can provide you a healthy body and general feeling of well being. However, you should be very careful prior to purchasing a massage chair. The best massage chairs are made of vinyl and other synthetic materials. It can handle constant motion of massage. Understand the warranty policy on the chair prior to purchasing one. Visit a reputed dealer and go in for a research prior to purchasing this chair.

Review Of The Panasonic Ep3222 Real Pro Elite Massage Chair Lounger

Alan Weidner asked:

The Panasonic EP3222 Real Pro Elite massage recliner is the first massage chair to earn the endorsement of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). It also is the first chair to use Body Scanning Technology.

When you sit down in this chair and turn on the Body Scan Technology, it tailors the massage for your personalized body shape and weight. It detects areas of tension and stress to help maximize relief and relaxation. Once the session has begun, however, you cannot then change the shoulder height if it is uncomfortable for your tolerance…but you can select to adjust such features in a pre-set program.

This chair uses a full body air pressure system, with 33 durable air bags concurrently working together by inflating and deflating in specific patterns and varying speeds to make your tension and stress disappear within moments. With the air pressure system taking care of your back, shoulders, hips, thighs and seat, calves, and feet, that is a total of 614 square inches of all over relaxation therapy. When you sit in the 3222, you really feel like you are a part of the chair.

Though this chair will recline to deeply melt away the stress and pain of your daily regimen, due to the nature of the air pressure, the air massage does not adequately ’stretch’ or traction the back. That will be most effective from the dual roller heads also designed into this chair, to manually move the back thus creating space back in between the discs. So this chair has been designed with both the Air Pressure System for the main feature, along with duel or quad rollers working the tense areas of your back, neck and shoulders, so as to accommodate those with sensitive to the touch issues and chronic pain. And because the air bags inflate and deflate, you can customize the intensity of the massage being delivered to you.

Many people experience fatigue and tension due to their feet and calves, and therefore feel more relaxed and renewed if their feet and calves have been adequately massaged and stretched as well. The Air Bag system delivers that to the user, contouring around each individual’s body type and arches of the feet, curving, compressing, and kneading away stress.

This calf and foot feature works jointly, so you can’t turn off one and just experience the other. You will have both your calves and feet massaged at the same time, or you can turn off the system to only have your upper body, thighs and seat massaged.

The Real Pro Elite takes out the thinking for you, and makes your sessions easy with 5 pre-set programs to chose from with varying techniques ranging from 4- 14 minute choices and a 5 minute invigorative session.

You can also customize the preferences and body scanning customization by saving your preferences in one of 3 memory programs. With the easy to use remote using an LED screen, and voice guide prompting you and instructing you, you practically just have to sit down to experience relief from whatever type of day you have had.

With genuine leather fabric and quality design of the Panasonic chair, this chair is designed to last for the long haul of taking care of you. Most users experience over 1000 hours of use from their Panasonic massage chairs before ever requiring maintenance- that’s comparable to a 15 minute massage every day for 11 years!

Before You Sink Into the Pamper, Go for a Massage Chairs Review

Tanyang Lee asked:

Massage chairs have really crowded the markets nearly all over the world. Be it the West, the Middle East, Asia or Europe. The reasons for such popularity are not hard to guess. Not just relaxing or rejuvenating, but massage chairs have also proven health benefits. And therefore today we have a huge fan following for massage chairs and to meet such a huge demand, we see many brands coming into action.

Today we have brands like Panasonic, Osim and Fujikura that are dominating the markets. And there are many small brands and manufacturers who are also making their presence felt in this domain. And with different players into action, you can always go for a massage chairs review comparing prices and features. Such a comparison will help you get closer to a massage chair that would fill in all or most of your requirements.

A massage chairs review is always beneficial. You will get to know the different features available in different kind of massage chairs. Also there are different options available under the umbrella of the same brand. For example, when you look at the different offerings from Osim, you have various massage chairs that suit different kinds of people with different kinds of problems or requirements.

Massage chairs act on all the points in our body that are recognized during acupressure. The massage chair squeezes and applies pressure to all these points and joints, which releases the tension and stiffness from those points and exudes a comfortable and fresh sensation that is also energizing.

A quick massage chairs review will always help you to pick up or get a good idea of what options you have or what is the best price. You can also find out some special features like we have NORO Melody by Osim, which also provides you, your kind of music to go along with your massage time.

Massage Tables | Massage Chairs

Alien asked:

There are many types of massage products that the various therapists use. These products include massage tables. You will find that there are many types of massage tables that can be bought and used in massages. The massage tables can be the normal fixed massage tables and you will also find portable massage tables.

These many types of message tables are sold by companies that produce massage therapy equipment. These massage tables have different price ranges that can be found for each brand. As you look at these massage tables you will need to make sure that they are suitable for your needs.

The basic massage tables are made from sturdy and durable material that is designed to help the therapist give good massages. While the base of the massage tables is strong, the top of the tables will have a soft and firm foam cushion massage bed. These tables can sometimes have different accessories for the massage therapist to give their client a good massage.

As each type of massage requires different techniques the massage tables have been designed to accommodate these techniques. As a result you will find that spa massages have a wet or multi-adjustable massage table. This type of table allows the therapist to move the different sections of the table into the best positions that will allow the massage to be given properly.

For the Shiatsu form of massage the massage tables need to have foldable tables. When these tables are folded they should resemble a flat firm surface that the massage therapist can give the massage on while they are kneeling next to the client. These are just a few types of standard massage tables that you can expect to find.

The portable massage tables are similar in construction except that you have the ability to carry these tables when you are making house calls or other types of massage therapies. Portable massage tables are lightweight in construction and they are of a compact size. Even though these massage tables are lightweight they are still excellent for giving the various forms of massages that various clients need.

For the massage therapist it is vital to have access to a study and firm work base. These massage tables are designed for the therapist to work soothing massage therapies on their clients. The firm cushion covering will support the client through the intense workout that they will be going through.

Massage Therapy School: a Lucrative Career for the 21st Century

John Thompson asked:

Throughout the United States and Canada are hundreds of accredited massage therapy schools that provide hands on training programs and education massage training to health care specialists.

There is a difference between massage therapy and sensual massage as used in massage parlors. The health professionals of today are certifiable, insured and well trained at massage therapy schools so they are able to give massage therapy in relaxing, clinical atmospheres.

At massage therapy school, you discover that massage is part science and part art. A massage therapist applies lotion to the exposed area he/she is working on and manipulates the joints, tendons and ligaments, soft tissues and skin by using therapeutic strokes, pressing, tapping and squeezes. A session usually lasts about an hour.

Massage therapy is wonderful for soothing muscles, jolting the lymphatic system, enhancing circulation and quieting the nerves. Often massage will benefit people suffering with physical as well as mental disorders.

For anyone that has ever had a muscle spasm and knows just how painful it is, massage can mitigate the pain along with pain from cramps and tension. Stress can play havoc with your body and relaxation massages are a wonderful and beneficial way to treat stress.

At massage therapy school, you learn a variety of massages. Some of the different types of massages are:

1. Pregnancy prenatal massage

2. Swedish massage

3. Shiatsu

4. Neuromuscular therapy

5. Aromatherapy

6. Sports massage

7. Acupressure

Massage therapy schools not only teach therapists theory but also practical hands on massage. A therapist must pass a board examine and certification standards vary from state to state.

With the fast paced, contemporary lifestyles of people today, everyone needs a way to reduce stress, and relax not only their mind but also body. Massage is a healthful way to do this.

Massage therapy school might be the career you are looking for.

Learn more about extraordinary and lucrative careers by going to our massage therapy school section and Panasonic massage chair site.

Chair Massage Can Benefit Attendees at Washington D.c. Conventions

Brandon Thomas asked:

Washington D.C. is our nation’s richly historic capital, boasting several world class convention centers and important landmarks, attracting thousands of people each year for business, educational pursuits and leisure. Washington D.C. offers a wealth of historical attractions, guaranteeing an abundant stream of visitors and the wide selection of available accommodations makes it an important meeting place for conventions and the like.

Conventions and trade shows are a proven method to bring industry professionals together, but long hours spent in meetings and demonstrations can result in added stress and those who have trouble adjusting to a time change or an unfamiliar environment often have trouble staying focused and alert. Travelling a long distance, often in cramped quarters, can also attribute to joint pain and muscle aches.

Chair massage is a practical and cost effective way to address these issues and the innovative design makes it a convenient choice for offering relief to fatigued and aching professionals. The massage chair requires very little time for set up and needs only a small amount of space. Another benefit of the unique design is its full adjustability, which will comfortably accommodate patrons of any size and build. Chair massage is less time consuming than traditional massage because the client does not need to undress and because no oils are used, it is a terrific option for hurried convention-goers who would not have adequate time to devote to a traditional massage.

The benefits of chair massage in Washington, D.C. are considerable. Recipients often report enhanced feelings of wellbeing, a reduction in muscle tension and joint pain, relief from eye stress and better circulation. A typical session lasts just fifteen minutes and the client feels more relaxed, invigorated and able to focus.

The benefits of a chair massage are not limited to the customer. Offering a chair massage at a corporate booth can heighten interest and attract more visitors to the area. Visitors will spend more time at the booth, thus giving a greater opportunity for your company to promote its products or services. A positive correlation between the company name and the enhanced feelings of wellbeing that a chair massage creates is a valuable tool to give your business the ability to stand out in the marketplace.

Why You Should Get a Massage Chair

Scott Goodman asked:

Chair massagers are truly wonderful devices and really, everyone can benefit from having one of these chairs. Before you head out and get one for yourself, there are a few things that you want to know about the massage chair idea.

Benefits of Massage

A massage chair offers you all of the same benefits as a real live massage, and there are many. This includes alleviation of low back pain and improvement of range of motion, enhancement of immunity by stimulating lymph flow which is the body’s natural defense system, improvement of the condition of the body’s largest organ the skin, promotion of tissue regeneration, reduction of spasms and cramping, and this is just to name a few.

There are some truly profound effects offered by massage and therefore a massage chair. Arthritis suffers note fewer aches and less stiffness, burn injury patients benefit and report reduced pain and anxiety, premenstrual syndrome sufferers speak of having decreased water retention and cramping, and even underweight people have found it easier to gain weight after getting massaged.

How to Buy

Because a massage chair will be rather on the expensive side, you are going to want to make sure that you choose just the right one, and also one that you can afford. There are a few steps that you should follow here to ensure you get the right chair for you.

The first thing you should do is set a budget. Look at a few different models to get an idea of what they cost, but typically massage chairs will range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. It is obvious then that by determining how much you have available to spend, you will be greatly narrowing down the selection.

Another tip for buying a massage chair is for you to learn more and become more familiar with the different brand names of chairs that are available. The best idea is to stick with a familiar name such as Panasonic or Premier, so that you know for sure you are getting the best quality and that your money will be well spent.

You should also go into an actual store when you want to buy one of these chairs, so that if you do have any questions or need any assistance there will be trained professionals there who will be more than willing and able to help you out. This is definitely a worthwhile investment, one that will last you for years to come.

The Benefits of Massage Chairs for the Body

Mark Fynn asked:

Most of us can appreciate the health benefits provided by massage techniques. The facts are that many of us have never personally received a massage because paying a professional masseur for a 30-minute service can be very expensive. Many of us just do not have the time to go and visit the private clubs where massage services are available because of busy work or social schedules. Some of us prefer to keep our bodies private and feel uncomfortable and vulnerable in front of strangers wearing nothing but a towel.

The advantages of a massage have escaped many of us but now thanks to modern technology there is an ideal solution available. Massage chairs enable anyone, no matter how busy they are and how tight their financial budget is to receive the benefits of muscle and stress manipulation in the comfort of their own home. Massage chairs have bridged the gap and now all of us can enjoy the ultimate in relaxation and muscle free pain.

One of the most popular forms of massage is Shiatsu. This form of massage typically uses the parts of the hand such as palms, fingers, thumbs and knuckles to rub, knead, press and pat the body to encourage the natural fluids to aid recovery. This same type of treatment is available in massage chairs because they use a mixture of rollers, probes, heat and vibration in the same manner as the effective Shiatsu methods.

We use many muscles in our everyday lives and sometimes when we stretch we find that we use other muscles that are being worked in a stressful, unnatural position. This is where muscle strains are most common. It could be a simple leg stretch or reaching out with the arms or an unexpected accident. When they happen they can be very painful and this uncomfortable feeling can last for many days and sometimes weeks in more severe strains. Although massaging the area and maybe adding some gel or ointment can relieve some of the pain it can be tiring if you have to do it yourself or maybe the area that needs attention is in an awkward place such as the lower back or shoulder.

Massage chairs are the ideal solution in circumstances such as these. They can target any area immediately by providing probing massage, vibration, air-controlled manipulation and heat if needed. The massage will relieve the area of stress and will generate inner body fluids that encourage nutrients to feed the tissue and muscle. Massage will also aid the circulation of the blood that will increase the recovery period and decrease high blood pressure. The natural fluids in our body need to be able to flow freely and massage is the perfect manipulation to encourage this. Natural fluid help us fight disease and will ensure that our body functions like clockwork and our metabolism remains regular making us more comfortable and relaxed.

Massage chairs are also perfect for seniors who unfortunately have more accidents due to lack of balance as the years take their toll. A soothing chair massage can soothe those aching muscles in no time at all. While you receive the ultimate in body manipulation you can be watching your favourite television program, talk to friends on the telephone, read a book or just sitting back and relax while the massage chair does the work.

When the massage is over and you feel completely relaxed and pain free you may be wondering why you did not invest in a massage chair earlier. Massage chairs are ideal for any home. You never know when you may want to call upon your own private masseur that is available to use at a moments notice 24-hours a day.